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Ways to Delete forever all files:

We use to store lots of important information and programs in the form of files in computer. Some of them may be containing confidential or business data which we don’t want to disclose to anyone else. If you’re stuck in such scenarios and you want to delete forever all files which are very confidential to you, then you should use any file eraser utility which can even erase deleted files forever for you. You need to use file eraser software for this because deleting the files in any other way does not delete your files forever. If you are simply formatting / re-formatting the hard disk drive or logical drive by assuming that each of the files stored in it are gone forever then you’re quite wrong. The formatting process is just done in order to make the storage space ready to be used again. Deleting the files using shift + delete keys or emptying them from the Recycle Bin also can’t delete them from the hard disk permanently. All these file removal processes just makes the files inaccessible to the user but they are still there inside the hard drive. They can be undelete and accessed back by the user using file recovery software unless and until they are overwritten with some new contents.

Once deleted data are overwritten, they can’t be retreived by any file restoration utility. This concept has been used by Drive Wipe Software to completely erase hard disk data beyond recovery. It deletes all the files forever by carefully overwriting all the sensitive contents of the files with some garbage value for at least three times so that they can’t be retrieved ever by any file recovery application. This application utilizes 9 different sanitization methods which are highly reviewed and prescribed by US Navy, Department of Defence and other Govt. agencies and being internationally accepted. It is a powerful technique to wipe out the sensitive and confidential files in your computer. The nine different file shredding techniques which are being followed by this software are fast zero Overwrite, Random Overwrite, US DoD (DoD 5220.22-M), DOD Standard 5220.28 STD, US Navy, NAVSOP-5239-26_RLL, NATO standard, German VSITR-US Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M, Peter Guttmann secure deletion, DOD Standard 5220.28 STD and US Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M) +Guttmann method.

Each sanitization method has its own unique way of overwriting the file contents with some random garbage values. This drive wipe tool is applicable to all Microsoft Windows versions like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows server 2003 and Windows server 2008 etc. It removes the sensitive and private files from your hard drive by offering maximum drive wipe methods. You can even erase browser history forever using file eraser tool from your computer in case you want to prevent them being accessed by anyone else. This application provides easy to use interface which facilitates the user to wipe off their critical files from their system permanently. You can also erase files permanently from SD memory card. SD memory cards support storage of pictures, videos and music files. Other can misuse any of these files if it is not erased permanently. Hence you can utilize this software to permanently delete photos and other media files from memory cards, USB drives, hard drives or from other storage drives in a fast and secure manner.

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Steps to delete forever all files:

Step 1: First of all you need to download and install the demo version of Drive Wipe Tool in your computer to securely delete files. Then launch the software by either double clicking the desktop icon or from the start menu itself. After the successful launching of the application you’ll get a Window displaying all the validated physical drive along with the logical drives. Click the logical drive in which your browser history is located. Then select “Next” button to proceed as shown in Fig 1 below:

Delete Forever All Files - Main Windows Screen

Figure 1: Welcome Screen upon successful launching

Step 2: After that you’ll be asked to choose the shredding patterns out of all the available shredding patterns. Select the appropriate sanitization method and then click on “Next” button to proceed as shown in Fig 2 below:

Delete Forever All Files - Select the Erasing Pattern

Figure 2: Select Proper Erasing Pattern

Step 3: After the shredding pattern is selected it’ll ask for confirmation. You have to confirm the wipe process by selecting the “Next” button. After confirmation the erasing process will start as shown in Fig 3 below:

Delete Forever All Files - Shredding Progress

Figure 3: View the shredding process in progress

Step 4: A pop up message will be displayed after the sanitization process over showing the details about the process completion.


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