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How to Permanently Delete Android Phone Files?

In this hi-tech world, people’s means of being updated with world occurrences have changed from computer or laptop to Android phones. However, with launching of newer version of android mobile, mobile geeks prefer to swap the old phone with the newer android phone. When such old android mobile becomes useless they usually sell it to some unknown person. People generally think that simply deleting their files, from storage location would make them permanently gone, but this isn’t exactly true. Such previously saved files can go in the hands of some inappropriate person thereby developing a great data loss scenario for consumer.

Since, we all know that with availability of smart phones, which is generally based on Android operating system, a number of financial transactions can be done in matter of minutes over it. If such content goes, into incongruous persons hand even after deleting files, then a very regretful situation appears before consumers which may be either financial or emotional. On such, kind of development, a general question that arises is that “How the deleted files went into the hands of such ill-mannered person?” Actually, whenever any file is erased from any storage device, only file detail is wiped out from file system. These files which have lost logical existence over the storage device, keep sustaining at the saved location as long they are not overwritten by any other file. So, if you wish to sell or give any of your android phones, then ensure that its data is overwritten by some useless stuff in a very optimal way, thereby confirming that each of crucial files goes beyond recovery.

Some consumers of Android mobile think that if, they perform formatting over it then each of the contents would be gone forever. Here also same as deletion scenario, each of the contents keep sustaining at the saved location, therefore can be revived by just following some steps over recovery tool. At, some situations, consumers leave the data over Android mobile as it is because it is corrupted or damaged due to any reason. Users of such phones think that files in such state are inaccessible, thus handing it over to some impolite person. Consumers of any storage device need to understand that files which are deleted, corrupted or formatted can be sustained back to its real self by making use of various restoration utility available over internet.

The only possible way to clear data from memory card of Android mobile is overwriting of each contents. But, we all know that writing on each of sectors when needed is quite impossible. So, if you wish to permanently delete data from android phone, then you need to make use of Delete Forever software. This tool in amazing way covers each of the sectors of storage device and fills it with gibberish data, thus leaving no scope for recovery of files. In similar fashion consumers of computer or laptop can face improper data usage, which can be avoided by use of tool which can permanently delete computer files. At some circumstances consumers just need to erase only particular things such as erasing history of computer. If you need to know more about tool which can delete forever history then click on the provided link:

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Steps to Delete data from Android phone forever:

Step 1: Download and install the trial version of "Delete Forever" software to your system. After launching of the software, select Android Phone storage device and click on "Next" button as shown in figure below.

Permanently Delete Data from Android Phone - Welcome Screen

Welcome Screen

Step 2: In the next window you will find various deleting pattern. Choose the suitable pattern and then click on “Next” button to initiate deletion as shown in figure below.

Permanently Delete Data from Android Phone - Select Deletion Pattern

Select Deletion Pattern

Step 3: As soon as you confirm the deletion process, you will find a screen showing the wiping method in progress as shown in figure below.

Permanently Delete Data from Android Phone - Wiping Method

Wiping Method

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