Duplicate File Remover

Erase Duplicate Files from Computer

Any computer hard drive is capable to store number of files and folders in safe and secured way. These saved files can be fetched wherever required by the owner of system. But if these saved are not managed properly, then it is very much possible that the system may degrade after certain period of time due to duplicity of various files that are saved over computer. There are several symptoms which can be easily by any one that causes degrading performance of the system. A few of them are slow booting procedure, slow data transfer rate, and several others. As the number of replicated file increases time consumed to find particular file, memory space, energy and money. So, if you wish to get rid of all such problem then just makes use of Remo MORE. This application scans the entire hard drive for duplicate files using its strong algorithm and lists them in few mouse clicks on the software.

Usually duplicity of files over computer happen because of users own mistake, i.e. while making copy from the same storage device time and again causes duplicity of the files. To know in more detail about it let’s assume one of the example. Suppose you have got Nikon or Canon camera, upon which you regularly capture images. Since you are quite possessive about the images that you capture, so every time you take pictures you make backup of the files. So, every time you make backup of some of the files which were earlier made. As the size of these files increases, they start showing up their effects on various activates of computer. The only or most suitable solution to such problem is simple implementation of tool which can help in clearing replicated files.

One other reason for duplicate files on computer is pressing CTRL+C instead of CTRL+X while making data transfer from one location of computer to another. All the files that are copied using such command become a copy of the same original file at some other location. When such unnecessary files are seen on computer collectively they consume a lot of memory space. Therefore lesser amount of free memory space is left for some of the important files and folders. Delete duplicate files from computer is the only solution to such kind of problem.

Remo MORE facilitates in erasing each of the duplicate files from computer on various criteria. These criteria are made so that none of the original files are deleted in dilemma. One of the other advantageous characteristic of this software is that it allows users to confirm deletion of the duplicate files after they are satisfied by the scanning of the files. This software can be easily implemented on Windows as well as Mac computer. In case if some of the people are looking for tool that can help in wiping duplicate files from any external storage device, then this software can help them. Some of the files formats that can be deleted using this software are JPEG, JPG, GIF, MP3, MP4, AVI, PDF, NEF, CRW, etc.

Steps to Delete Duplicate Files from Computer

Step 1: First download and install Remo MORE on you computer and then launch it. From its Home Screen select Optimize to Open Screen as shown in Figure 1.

Delete Duplicate Files from Computer - Optimize Window

Figure 1: Optimize Window

Step 2: On Optimize Window click on Remove Duplicates and later select the drive where you need too wipe duplicate files as shown in Figure 2.

Delete Duplicate Files from Computer - Select Drive

Figure 2: Select Drive

Step 3: As the scanning for the duplicate files get finished, click on Finish to delete duplicate files permanently as shown in Figure 3:

Delete Duplicate Files from Computer - Click Finish to Delete

Figure 3: Click Finish to Delete

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