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Software to Delete Documents Permanently

Did you know when you delete some files from your computer they are not completely removed? In most of the cases, all deleted files can be restored easily because actual data remains on the disk they do not appear to you. This deletion method is fine where security is not an issue--but when you wouldn't want the people to recover your confidential records then it become important. For these types of data, you want your files to delete permanently and it is happened when computer overwrites both the information and the links to the information itself.

When you normally delete some documents it goes to the Recycle Bin you know. But don’t think that your files are completely deleted from the hard drive if you empty or delete the files from Recycle Bin on Windows. It is very easy to recover those documents. So, what will you do to delete files from Recycle Bin permanently? The deletion software is a powerful application to Delete Documents Permanently. When you delete some files only the link to the file is deleted that’s why you can’t view the file but it exist somewhere. To Delete Documents Permanently you have to overwrite that space with some garbage value. You can do it by the Delete Forever software to erase deleted file forever. You can also do it by running Disk Defragmenter in Start menu under Accessories/System. But there is risk that if any errors are occurred then your Hard Drive may be corrupted.

To be confident that all your data in hard drive are deleted completely and anyone can’t access, then you have to use software to erase hard disk data. Delete Forever software is very powerful to Delete Documents Permanently from Hard Drive. It overwrites each and every sector of your Hard Drive (or partition) using different shredding patterns which makes previously stored data absolutely irrecoverable. File Eraser software will do the same thing but in place of a drive it will work on file & folders. The software to wipe the drive uses different method for sanitization and all these are used by US Navy, US Defense Department and other law enforcement agencies. To know more information to permanently remove data from WD My Passport external hard drive beyond recovery by overwriting several times, click here

Delete Forever software is also useful to delete browser history completely and it will not disclose to anyone. Browsing software is highly used by the user to retrieve and access data on the internet. All the web pages browsed by the user are saved in some files in the computer as browser history. If you have deleted all the browser history from the browser’s remove option then also it can be retrieved by others. To Delete Documents Permanently, documents deletion software is required. The deletion software has some more amazing features as it can easily delete file or folders permanently from your drive or memory card or other USB device. Even, if you want to erase your confidential media files from your iPod, use this highly efficient file eraser tool. It has a customized inbuilt-scheduler to shred the data according to the schedule or event. The software to Delete Documents Permanently is designed with a user friendly interface and it helps user to remove all the data completely. By usage of this software any of you can peramanently delete recoverable files without any need to follow any cumbersome procedure. For more detail about it visit this link:

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Steps to delete your documents permanently:

Step 1: Download and install free trial version of Delete Forever software on your system. After launching of software, it will display a list of logical as well as physical drives. Select the physical drive if you want to wipe the complete files from computer hard disk otherwise select any logical drive from the list to completely wipe that particular logical drive and then click on "Next" tab to proceed as shown in Figure 1 below.

Delete Documents Permanently - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: On next screen you’ll see different shredding methods. Select the suitable shredding option and then click on "Next" tab to proceed as shown in Figure 2 below.

Delete Documents Permanently - Select appropriate shredding method

Figure 2: Select Appropriate Shredding Method

Step 3: On next window, you should confirm the wiping method. Click on "OK" button to start wiping process of selected computer hard drive. As soon as you confirm the wiping process you'll find a Window showing the wiping process in progress as shown in Fig 3 below.

Delete Documents Permanently - Confirm to progress wiping process

Figure 3: Wiping Process

Step 4: After successful completion of the wiping, a pop up message will be displayed on the Windows screen to confirm process completion.

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