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Delete Files Permanently on Windows 8

You have very sensitive information on Windows 8 computer hard drive, now when there is no need of these files containing such crucial information, how will you sustain its confidentiality? Will you simply delete all files using Shift-Delete command and assure about its security? If you think so, then you are very wrong, we all know that now there are plenty of tools are in your hand to restore deleted files from computer hard drive. So what action should carry out to delete forever Windows 8 files from hard drive? It might be an unsolved question for you but now it is no more a question because here is the best solution to delete such information permanently from hard drive and it is the Delete Forever software.

Now in this technological era, computerization is going very fast. Everything banking, education, research, billing, marketing etc. is totally depend on computers. Majority of people have computer and laptop and use to keep precious photos, videos and confidential documents in digital form with this electronic gadget. Most of user prefers to store their critical documents in computer. If you are only user who is having access to Windows 8 computer files then it is okay but thinks a situation when you need to handover access to other people or have to sell it permanently. To make your crucial data secure and out of access to others, you may format hard drive. It is not enough because you can unformat drive again by using several tools. So here, you need to erase hard drive files using the software. Moreover, you can employ this award winning software you can completely erase data from WD My Passport external hard drive beyond recovery using various shredding patterns and wiping methods with ease. For more information, click here

There are several cases, in which you may need this software. Suppose, you are in a secret project and have assigned a system personally to make research and operations regarding to the project. Suddenly you have asked to change the system. On such situation, if you do not want to let your project files to be public, use the software to delete all files forever. Apart from this, if you are accessing your bank account, mails and other personal social networking sites on a public computer then you must erase web-browser history from that computer.

The Software provides you nine different sanitization methods to erase hard drive files. You can select any one method to erase files containing sensitive data on Windows 8 computer. These methods are Random Overwrite, Fast Zero Overwrite, US Navy, US Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M)_DOD Standard 5220.28 STD, Peter Guttmann Secure Deletion, North Atlantic Treaty Organization-NATO standard, German VSITR- US Department of Defense(DoD 5220.22-M), Guttmann method etc. With the help of these different methods, you can make secure secret data as software overwrites hard disk content by 35 times to erase files permanently.

Delete Forever software comes with the best technology that is being use in world’s top intelligence agencies and defense departments. It is a powerful data destructive application that is very easy to operate on all popular Windows operating systems. If you want to know, how to erase browser history on your computer, click on the given link

Steps to erase Windows 8 files permanently:

Step 1: Download and install delete forever software on your Windows 8 computer. launch the software and select the drive from main screen.

Delete Forever Windows 8 Files - Main window

Figure 1: Main window

Step 2: Select the shredding pattern from the list of the shredding patterns displayed in the next screen. Click on "Proceed" button.

Delete Forever Windows 8 Files - Select appropriate shredding method

Figure 2: Select appropriate shredding method

Step 3: To start wiping process click on "OK" button in the next screen. You will get the screen as shown below which indicates the progress of file erasing process.

Delete Forever Windows 8 Files - The wiping process is going on

Figure 3: Wiping Process

Step 4: After the process gets complete successfully, a pop up message will be displayed on Windows screen.

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