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Secure file eraser Windows 7:

Windows 7 is one amongst the series of Windows Operating System releases by the Microsoft Corporation. It was released after Windows Vista in the market. Windows 7 came out with drastic changes in the features and the apps in it compared to its predecessors. It has a new version of Windows Media Center in it. You can store RAW images on Windows 7 OS. Windows 7 supports the new version of Microsoft Word. You can store wide variety of files on it including documents, songs, movies, archives, etc. on Windows 7. You can have logical partitions on the hard drive and store different files in it.

You cannot afford to lose all the personal and professional files on Windows 7 OS of your computer. In the same way, you can’t allow some unknown people to access it. Suppose, you want to sell the computer to someone and therefore you have formatted the hard drive. But, is formatting alone is enough to avoid others accessing your data? No, not at all as anybody could recover the data from the formatted or reformatted drives of the computer using recovery software. What can be done in such situations to make your data recover proof? You can erase files forever, in such circumstances using erasing software suitable to your computer. Delete forever is one of the reliable erasing tools which you can use on your Windows 7 computer.

Why and how to delete Windows 7 files forever?

You may be having multiple Operating Systems on the computer. The Windows 7 OS has lots of confidential and personal files of yours amongst all the OS on the computer. You may delete the files on it before the system falls into someone else’s hands. But the files will be still on the physical drive of the computer which can be recovered using recovery software. You don’t want anyone to recover your files on Windows 7 OS of your computer. In that case, you can erase all files permanently on the Windows 7 OS. Delete forever tool does the job for you in the best way. The tool overwrites the files many times using a file shredding pattern. After this process, the files on your Windows 7 can’t be recovered using any powerful recovery tool.

Important features of delete forever software:

The software wipes out the files from Windows 7 OS and writes random data onto the drive. This makes the data on the drive go beyond recovery. You can delete Recycle Bin files permanently using the software. It implements various disk sanitization standards of international level. It supports drive wipe on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP OS based computers. It has maximum number of drive wiping methods which you can make use of. You can erase hard drive data permanently or data on a logical drive of the computer. The software supports both 64 and 32 – bit processor computers.

Note: If you are looking for way to wipe out data from MacBook Pro hard drive, then click on this link to delete files from MacBook hard drive completely:

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Steps to delete Windows 7 files permanently using delete forever software on computer:

Step 1: Download and install delete forever software on your computer. The physical and logical drives on the computer will be displayed on the main screen of the software wizard, once you launch the software. Select the drive of your Windows 7 OS and cilck on "Next" button.

How to Permanently Delete Files from Recycle Bin - Main Welcome Screen

Figure 1: Main window after successful launching

Step 2: Select the shredding pattern from the list of the shredding patterns displayed in the next screen. Click on "Next" button to proceed.

How to Permanently Delete Files from Recycle Bin - Select appropriate shredding Pattern

Figure 2: Select appropriate data shredding pattern

Step 3: Confirm the wiping process by clicking on “OK” button in the next screen. The wiping process starts and you will get the screen as shown below which indicates the progress of drive wipe process.

How to Permanently Delete Files from Recycle Bin - The Shredding Progress

Figure 3: The wiping process in progress

Step 4: After wiping process completes successfully, a pop up message will be displayed on Windows screen.

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